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Chemical Processing Services

As an external manufacturer for several major chemical companies, Reo Logistics' connected distribution networks offers secure, comprehensive, on stop shopping for your chemical processing, warehousing, and transportation needs. 

REO Logistics currently processes more than 20 million pounds of chemicals annually. Our services provide bulk chemical manufacturers with the ability to alter specific batches so that they meet customer specifications on a just-in-time, package to order, basis. 


REO Logistics has locations strategically located in the Kanawha Valley with operations in Nitro, West Virginia and the Ohio Valley with facilities in Huntington and Parkersburg.

Services Include:
  • Blending
  • Screening
  • Auguring
  • Grinding
  • Custom repackaging
  • Rail car unloading
  • Lab services
  • Designed processing solutions
  • Environmental test chamber
About Us:
  • cGMP compliant & FDA registered for food and pharmaceutical material handling
  • Comprehensive quality assurance program
  • SAP "live"
  • Well trained, experienced staff
  • Validated systems
  • 9 existing processing line to meet your routines, or ...
  • In-house engineers that can design specific systems to meet your special needs

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